Scottish Clans and Their Tartans

The Clan Procedure

The clan program almost certainly formulated after the Romans left Britain all-around 410 AD and was generally situated in the Highlands and Islands in the region we now know as Scotland.

Clan in Gaelic indicates ‘family’ so clans differentiated by themselves together ‘family’ strains. All users of the clan bore – in idea a minimum of – the identical identify, normally proclaiming descent from quite historical chiefs and kings. There have been also branches of a clan often known as ‘septs’ which allied them selves with a selected clan and owed allegiance on the clan Main.

The clan Main, who owned the land, was answerable for the safety and basic welfare of his clansmen and ladies, As well as in return they had been obliged to present him section in their crops. Moreover, and fighting to defend their own individual clan, they had been duty certain to combat to the chief for whichever facet or result in he supported.

A clan secured don’t just its have persons and associated septs but it could be named on to help smaller sized clans currently being persecuted by other much larger clans.

The clan procedure doesn’t exist these days but there are various clan societies and gatherings which happen to be attended by their descendants from Tartans  all over the globe. It really is reckoned that there are around twenty five million people worldwide who can claim Scottish ancestry.


The phrase ‘tartan’ is most in all probability derived from your French word ‘tiretaine’ utilized for a type of patterned, woven product. The very earliest Scottish tartans had been made from undyed wool, utilizing the purely natural white and brown coloured wool on the sheep of the time.

After the Jacobite rebellion was brutally set down in 1746, the carrying of tartan was officially banned for many forty several years mainly because it was found like a symbol of Scottish patriotism and independence. Even so, it had been still allowed in Scottish regiments since they have been forces loyal to The federal government.

Although, currently, clans are connected with their own unique tartans, there is not any proof of clan associates donning a certain ‘clan tartan’ previous to its suppression. At the time, clansmen and ladies wore tartan according to their own personal Choices.

Highland Gown

The magnificent Highland dress we see nowadays is the result of a means of evolution which genuinely took off during the Victorian period, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert fell in like with ‘Scottishness.’ Together with the upper lessons on the day, they adapted the older, straightforward Highland dress right into a design and style more in keeping with the periods, their position in Modern society, and their passionate picture of Scotland.

Just before 1600, Highlanders wore a knee length thick wool cassock-like garment in excess of a large saffron-coloured shirt. This was changed via the ‘belted plaid’ and also the ‘tiny kilt’ around the beginning of the 17th century.

The belted plaid currently being very extended – 6 ells of double tartan fabric – was wrapped around the entire body and held in place by a waist belt. The decrease component forming a loose-pleated ‘kilt’ and the highest 50 % gathered collectively above a person shoulder and hanging down the again. Occasionally this was kept in place using a brooch about the shoulder. The very best section may be pulled round the human body and more than The pinnacle to supply protection versus the elements. (Observe: An ell was just above one property; one property = 0.9144 metres)

The ‘quick kilt’ was manufactured up of six ells of solitary tartan fabric, with sewn pleats with the again and simple overlapping ends in the front. The complete staying held set up by a leather belt at the waistline. This can be the forerunner of the kilt that is definitely worn these days.